The Maker Manufacturer Marketplace.

...bringing makers and manufacturers together into a competitive online marketplace

This marketplace allows makers to drive down the cost of manufacturing products by having manufacturers compete for the work. At the same time, it opens a new market for manufacturers that wasn't previously available; a market filled with individuals and small businesses that have stayed away from manufacturing products due to a lack of resources and knowledge of the manufacturing world.

This marketplace simplifies the manufacturing process by eliminating the need to hunt down manufacturers and negotiate a manufacturing price. Simply submit the details of what you want manufactured and how you want it manufactured and then sit back and watch the quotes come in from manufacturers around the world. Manufacturers can see what their competition is quoting you and change their quotes to be more competitive, a process that will drive down the cost of manufacturing for you.

We understand that your intellectual property is important to you and it’s important to us as well, which is why we have taken steps to minimize the risks to your IP. Our system is setup to allow makers the ability to have legal agreements (confidentiality agreements, etc.…) signed prior to manufacturers being able to view technical models and schematics (for projects that aren’t shared publicly).

While bringing makers and manufacturers together into a central marketplace is our primary purpose, we also offer several related services, such as:

A 3D Model Repository
The Maker community is important to us and that is why we offer a free 3D model repository where you can store and/or share your 3D designs. You have the options of publicly sharing your models under common licenses or keeping them private and simply using us for your storage needs. For those who choose to share their work publicly – if your designs are used in a manufacturing transaction over our marketplace, you will receive a royalty from that transaction. More details are available here.
Connecting Draftsmen
In the same spirit of connecting makers with manufacturers, we also connect makers with draftsmen. We understand that not everyone possesses the skills necessary to bring their ideas to life, and we want to be able to connect you with the people that can. If you don’t have the skill necessary to create the technical drawings needed by manufacturers, then you need a draftsman to help you. Just like with manufacturers, we’ve created a competitive online marketplace for draftsmen to compete for your business.
Other Services Coming
It is our goal to evolve into a central platform for entrepreneurs to come and get the help they need in bringing their ideas to life, from conception to market. In that spirit, we have many other services in the works to bring about that evolution. As those features get closer to completion we will make the appropriate announcements to the community. If there are features that you would like to see us offering, please feel free to email your ideas to