Multi-Color Cell Model
by MFG41BB77BD last updated Oct 11 2017


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This multi-color model of a cell shows how 3D printing can be beneficial in the educational and medical spaces. Not only does it show different levels of the cells, but the different colors highlight areas of interest.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: LulzBot

Printer: TAZ 5

Infill: 15%


Printed with 2 shells with Palette+ using 1.75mm filament on a LulzBot TAZ 5

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon preview_featured.jpg Image File (.JPG) 60
Icon cell.SLDPRT Model File (.SLDPRT) 1,408
Icon cell_centriole.STL Model File (.STL) 377
Icon cell_endoplasmic_recticulum.STL Model File (.STL) 359
Icon cell_golgi.STL Model File (.STL) 874
Icon Cell_GroupedAs4Bodies_3of4.STL Model File (.STL) 1,707
Icon cell_inner.STL Model File (.STL) 1,300
Icon Cell_GroupedAs4Bodies_4of4.STL Model File (.STL) 1,300
Icon cell_mitocondrion.STL Model File (.STL) 456
Icon cell_nucleolous.STL Model File (.STL) 627
Icon Cell_GroupedAs4Bodies_1of4.STL Model File (.STL) 4,540
Icon cell_lysome.STL Model File (.STL) 3,387
Icon cell_ribosomes.STL Model File (.STL) 1,248
Icon cell_nucleous.STL Model File (.STL) 2,378
Icon cell_outer.STL Model File (.STL) 3,809
Icon Cell_GroupedAs4Bodies_2of4.STL Model File (.STL) 7,014
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Multi-Color Cell Model uploaded by MFG41BB77BD is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Credit to Mosaic Manufacturing for the work of the same name at

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