Fully 3D-Printed Rubik's Cube Solving Robot
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This 3D-printed Raspberry Pi-powered Rubik’s Cube solving robot has everything any serious robot does -- arms, servos, gears, vision, artificial intelligence, and a task to complete. If you want to introduce robotics to your kids or your students, this is the perfect machine for it. This one-eyed four-armed giant stands 35cm (14") tall. 70 hours of print time and an entire spool of filament are needed to print it, not to mention over $200 worth of hardware, but once fully operational, it will surely wow your friends and neighbors. Scramble your Rubik's cube, place it in the robot’s grippers, press a button, and then sit back and watch this amazingly smart and stunningly beautiful machine put it back together. Watch the video!

This robot is fully 3D-printable. Other that the servos, servo horns, camera, electronics and a few dozen bolts and nuts, it has no traditionally manufactured parts. Absolutely no soldering or breadboarding is required.

Total Print Time: 4,028 min. (67 hours 8 min.)

Total Filament at 20% infill: 882 gr.

For the list of hardware component, detailed assembly instructions and other important information, please visit our web site at http://www.otvinta.com/download12.html.

Update (2017-09-28):

We have added a Troubleshooting section (9.5) to our user manual at http://www.otvinta.com/download12.html, and also put together an online tool, the Eye, for a do-it-yourself analysis of the photographs taken by the robot.

Update (2017-09-19):

If your camera is wide-lens and the cube appears too far on the photos, we recommend using short rods to bring the camera closer to the cube. The new model is called rcr_rod_short.stl. You would need to print 4 of those and 4 of the regular rods rcr_rod.stl instead of printing 8 regular rods.

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon rcr_camera_cover.stl Model File (.STL) 120
Icon rcr_camera_cover_noleds.stl Model File (.STL) 147
Icon rcr_clamp_half1.stl Model File (.STL) 87
Icon rcr_clamp_half2.stl Model File (.STL) 94
Icon rcr_corner.stl Model File (.STL) 68
Icon rcr_gripper.stl Model File (.STL) 59
Icon rcr_camera_holder.stl Model File (.STL) 1,568
Icon rcr_gripper_old.stl Model File (.STL) 223
Icon rcr_leg.stl Model File (.STL) 129
Icon rcr_nut.stl Model File (.STL) 487
Icon rcr_long_bolt.stl Model File (.STL) 1,126
Icon rcr_rack.stl Model File (.STL) 346
Icon rcr_rod.stl Model File (.STL) 435
Icon rcr_pinion.stl Model File (.STL) 629
Icon rcr_rod_short.stl Model File (.STL) 435
Icon rcr_slider.stl Model File (.STL) 213
Icon rcr_arm.stl Model File (.STL) 176
Icon rcr_short_bolt.stl Model File (.STL) 1,158
Icon preview_featured.jpg Image File (.JPG) 37
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