Squishy Turtle
by MFG41BB77BD last updated Oct 11 2017


Final Product Image


The model assembles with the printed H-Clips and needs no glue. The parts print without the need for supports.

If you are interested in my design process and latest 3d printing experiments, check out my website and my Twitter.


This design will probably not work with a brim unless you spend time sanding and cleaning up the edges at the base of the print. This will stick the springs together and make the center channel for the head narrower. Using a raft might also affect this.

If you are having trouble with the head sliding, I have uploaded 3 head files with the stem portion scaled to be narrower:

Head95.stl - 95% original width Head9.stl - 90% original width Head85.stl - 85% original width

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon HClip.STL Model File (.STL) 42
Icon Head.STL Model File (.STL) 686
Icon Head9.STL Model File (.STL) 686
Icon Head85.STL Model File (.STL) 686
Icon Lopoly_Top.STL Model File (.STL) 143
Icon Head95.STL Model File (.STL) 686
Icon Plain_Shell.STL Model File (.STL) 325
Icon Spikey_Top.STL Model File (.STL) 137
Icon Original_Top.STL Model File (.STL) 1,385
Icon Spikey_Top_2.STL Model File (.STL) 1,027
Icon Bottom.STL Model File (.STL) 1,625
Icon Line_Top.STL Model File (.STL) 3,671
Icon Spiral_Top.STL Model File (.STL) 2,340
Icon preview_featured.jpg Image File (.JPG) 41
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Credit to jake for the work of the same name at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2238443.

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