Box with Sliding Top
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A customizable box with a sliding top with a small catch.

I'd love to see your prints of this if you make one!

V2 includes now includes optional dividers. Check the customizer to add more (or less) dividers.

The stl will create a box that holds 4 oblong pills. Hit the customizer to adjust the dimensions.


There is a small slit on the underside of the lid that needs to be cleaned up to make sliding the lid open a bit easier.

It may be a good idea to sand the lid edges just a bit if the fit is too snug.

A bit of folded paper towel or toilet tissue in the bottom of the box helps keep the pills from rattling around and turning to dust.

Be conscious of the overhang angle on the lid. The .scad file will output the angle in OpenSCAD. An angle < 45 is probably a good idea.

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon pill_box_v2.scad SourceCode File (.SCAD) 3
Icon pill_box_v2-24-42-12-x0-y2.stl Image File (.STL) 231
Icon pill_box.stl Model File (.STL) 223
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