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This retro-styled mini-bob is a simple design but it offers a lot of fun! Unfortunately I couldn't make a video up to now but here are two videos of the original bob:

Choose your team, print and assemble your mini-bob, build your own bobsled run and take the challenge:

ASSEMBLING: You also find a litte construction manual in the main-picture of the mini-bob. Beside the printed parts you need the following materials: glue, 8 screws (20 mm long; 3 x 16) and some weights (sinkers for fishing work great, or something else that's heavy).

For the assembling take the following steps and compare the pictures:

Combine the seal and the top-part. (use glue)

Fill up the bottom-parts empty segments with something heavy like lead (for example sinkers for fishing).

Combine the bottom- and the top-part

Attach the eight screws (3 x 16) to the bob

Attach your flag to the flag-base (use glue)

Attach the flag to the bob (use glue)

Attach the visors to the pilots heads

Attach the pilots to the bob (use glue)

Attach the cockpit to the bob (use glue)

Use sand-paper to make the surface of the bottom-part smooth. After the sandpaper you can use an old jeans: rob it over the cloth until the bottom surface gets shiny. That minimises the friction and your mini-bob gets faster.

Check out NC Hippy's funny assembling video:

Team flags: There is also a top-part available in the files with no flag. If you want to choose a flag, print the normal top-part and the flag-base as well. Then choose one of the following team flags:

America: Canada: China: Fortress: France: Germany: Israel: Jamaica: Jedi: Lettland: Norway: Palestina: Russia: Sweden: Switzerland: The dark side:

If a specific flag is missing and you want me to create one, or if you designed a new one and want me to link it in the description, just write a comment or a message.

TIP: Using an empty bottle makes the building of the bobsled run verry easy :-)

Help creating new designs for the pilots ( or the bob and let me know if you want me to add them here.

Have fun and remember....don't eat yellow snow

Print Settings Printer Brand: Ultimaker

Printer: Ultimaker 2

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.4 mm

Infill: 50%

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon cockpit.stl Model File (.STL) 59
Icon bottom.stl Model File (.STL) 74
Icon flag_-_base.stl Model File (.STL) 16
Icon pilot.stl Model File (.STL) 23
Icon seal.stl Model File (.STL) 12
Icon top.stl Model File (.STL) 259
Icon top_no_flag.stl Model File (.STL) 242
Icon visor.stl Model File (.STL) 5
Icon f4d91adef56dcc3131a01387bf772d44_preview_featured.jpg Image File (.JPG) 64
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