Ultramodern Soap Dish
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This minimalist soap-dish, designed for use in the shower and tub, features concentric rings that appear to defy gravity and a concave depression on top that keeps the soap in place when not in use, allowing the soap to dry off perfectly.

Three rounded feet on the bottom allow the dish to drain and air-out without trapping water underneath.

Designed for a standard 4" x 2.5" bar of soap, curved or straight.

Also included is second version 1.6 design files that have rounded edges on the top surface.

Design by Anenome (Michael Eliot).

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.5.STL Model File (.STL)
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.5.AMF Model File (.AMF) 1,903
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.5.EPRT Model File (.EPRT) 187
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.5.IGS Model File (.IGS) 1,348
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.5.SLDPRT Model File (.SLDPRT) 980
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.5.STEP Model File (.STEP) 782
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.6.AMF Model File (.AMF) 4,408
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.6.EPRT Model File (.EPRT) 345
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.6.IGS Model File (.IGS) 1,867
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.6.SLDPRT Model File (.SLDPRT) 980
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.6.STEP Model File (.STEP) 921
Icon Soap_Dish_v1.6.STL Model File (.STL) 2,133
Material Requested Quantity Price per Unit Valid Until
Prepared by MFG4FD2F1BE RapidProto 101 3.50 11/26/2017 12:00:00 AM
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