Polymer stamp handle / pluggable handle
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Stamphandle made from 2 parts. See attached stl-file.

To make a polymer stamp as shown in the pics:

Make your own polymer stamps at home

Logo or photographic motifs, simply all is possible using the "Do-It-Yourself Stempelset" (diy stamp-kit) for less than 14 Euros.

You need only a lasercopy (print) of your motif an iron !!! and day-light or a UV-Light (money detector)

You can also a see youtube video how the polymer stamp is done in this simple manner. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-agNWzRmjiQ

Do-It-Yourself Stampkit / 3 personal home-made motif-stamps www.stempelselbermachen.de (german/english)

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