ArduCopter frame set
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This is a full set of .STL files for the ArduCopter Quad frame.

There was a user on a DIY Drones Post offering up the open source files in any format. I simply asked for .STL.


I have printed the entire STL set in ABS plastic on a Makerbot. It feels a bit flimsy for flight ... however after screwing that main plates together against the arms it seems reasonable.

Name File Type File Size (kb)
Icon Carrier_Board.STL Model File (.STL) 1,659
Icon Dome_center_Upper.STL Model File (.STL) 672
Icon Dome_Arch.STL Model File (.STL) 320
Icon Done_Center_Lower.STL Model File (.STL) 802
Icon Battery_Holder.STL Model File (.STL) 3,448
Icon Landing_Gear_Fin.STL Model File (.STL) 171
Icon Motor_Mount_Upper.STL Model File (.STL) 499
Icon Motor_Mount_Lower.STL Model File (.STL) 294
Icon Main_SQRE.STL Model File (.STL) 2,828
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